Hello, everybody, it’s your girl Elizabeth Noah and thanks for taking a look at this beautiful article about different types of bra. Today we are going to discuss shopping your perfect bra. Better believe it, I realize it sucks right?

Bras, they suck they are the worst they are uncomfortable and availability of different types of bra on the various online and offline platforms is a headache. Shopping for them is basically worse than stabbing your eye out with a dull spoon. There’s like a million other things I would rather be doing then bra shopping. I even rather be going for swimsuit shopping or jean’s shopping then bra shopping. 

The Problem

Presently there are tons of bras out there from soft pop to seamless minimizer and underwire. The list goes on and you could without much of a stretch go on spending hundreds of dollars on different types of bra. Truth be told, you could undoubtedly spend a hundred dollar on a single bra! However, given me a chance to spare you some time and cash and reveal to you the best five bras that you should have in your wardrobe today.

Different types of Bra

1. Basic Bralette
This is probably your everyday bra it’s super comfortable and you can wear this all day we all know that sometimes it’s worn with the intention of being seen or worn as outerwear so I would suggest you to have at least one of them in your closet.
2. T-Shirt Bra
different types of bra
This is my go-to because no bra lines for you this bra is super smooth with contoured cuffs perfect for thin fabric materials like t-shirts. Remember to replace this one every six months.
3. Strapless Convertible Bra
different types of bra
The t-shirt bra and convertible bras are must for your drawers. So technically this should only be like the two bras that you should have in your closet. It has modifiable straps that can turn a regular bra into a racer bag a halter backless, one-shoulder or strapless.
4. Demi Bra
different types of bra
It has underwire and cups that are angled to expose the top of your breasts. So it’s not a push up per se but it certainly makes you look good. Trust me demi bras are a crowd-pleaser this bra is more delicate so handle it with care.
5. Sports Bra
different types of bra
The sports bra I feel like this is an obvious one and you all have at least five of them in your drawer right now. Of course, you can get a new one every six to eight months. Just make sure you get one that has the right support for your activity needs.
So we hope you learned a lot about various bra types today. 
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So before we sign off don’t forget to check out some essential tips before you go out for bra shopping down below ⇓

Few Special Bra Shopping tips 

1: The wrong sized bra is a problem so get your butt to store and get sized.

2: Wear the right top before going for the bra shopping (Trust me it helps)

3: Perfect snug should neither be too tight nor too loose.