lipstick for dusky skin tone

Lipsticks for dusky skin tone:

Hello baes, It’s your girl Elizabeth Noah and you can simply call me Eliza. So today we are going to be talking about the lipsticks for dusky skin tone or matte finish lipsticks for gorgeous dusky skin. Ah, I just love this skin tone.

If you are lucky enough to fall under this category then my friend you have come to the right place. I know not everyone likes to wear extremely bright and boisterous lipstick so I have kept like a variety of hues that ought to take into account pretty much all of you.

Without wasting any time let me show you the top 6 best lipsticks for dusky skin tone.

1. Maybelline – Crazy for coffee

lipstick for dusky skin tone

It is a wonderful nude for like everyday purpose I figure it would look decent on practically all skin tones. This color should suit you very well especially if you have a dusky tone. Get crisp, vibrant color with this supremely sensational lipstick for dusky skin tone. It also has precious nectar honey which leaves a sensual finish.

2. Revlon Ultra HD

lipstick for dusky skin tone

From their Ultra HD matte lip color collection, this is in the shade called seduction. This fits really well on the lips it is very easy to apply and it does not go patchy or streaky. The shade in itself is a beautiful cool toned brown and it has a little bit of pink in it. Unlike the previous color if you prefer something with a little bit of pinker tones then I think this will be beautiful on you.

3. Faces lip crayon collection

lip crayon

Presently it is in the shade called mocha licious having a lovely warm toned nude shade. It is somewhat more profound dark-colored than the past two. Since it arrives in a pencil structure so very easy to carry and apply. This is very long lasting and barely requires any maintenance.

4. Color Bar – Hot Latte

color bar lipstick

This is from Color Bar and it is in the shade hot latte. Now, this is something that I am a  big fan of and I have recommended the shade to a lot of my friends.  This is a liquid lipstick and it has a doe foot applicator which has a pointing edge so it feels really nice to apply. Since this lipstick sets in really quickly so you don’t have to wait too long.

5. LA Girl – Matte velvet

lipstick for dusky skin tone

This is in the shade called gossip so it has a very dark shade. Good for those who are a fan of bold lip finish. It is very beautiful on the lips and not patchy at all. Being very pigmented this is going to look amazing. Indeed the best lipstick for dusky skin tone.

6. Lakme Absolute – Red envy

lipstick for dusky skin tone

This shade is called red envy because it is such a bright cherry tomato sort of red. This is a perfect lipstick if you are off to a party or a wedding. For a festive season, you need something really bright on your lips and I think this is the color to go for.

That’s it for now, we hope you liked this list. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc with us.

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